Catskill Mt. Cabins feature log siding instead of solid log construction. What advantages does this provide?

Solid log homes are authentic reproductions of days gone by. However, it is an ever increasing battle to meet the modern energy requirements with solid log construction. Using modern framing techniques allows us to insulate wall cavities just like any other house, and create a continuous wind break on the outside of the wall to avoid drafts. The log siding exterior and pine interior further promote the insulating properties of our walls.

Although today's solid log homes are more customizable than in the past, it comes at a price. Custom electrical and plumbing is easy with our framed walls and does not require costly drilling and notching of logs. This allows our floor plans to be completely flexible.

With our white pine log siding on the exterior and horizontal pine boards inside, you'll still get that rustic cabin look your heart is yearning for.

What are the advantages of modular construction?

Better Construction
Today's modular homes are essentially stick built homes constructed in a factory and delivered to your building lot. Because modular homes must be built to withstand the forces of truck delivery and lifting forces when the crane places them on their foundations they are generally built considerably stronger than a site-built home.

Bulk Materials
Modular construction allows the manufacturer to purchase materials in bulk quantities, so they receive better pricing than the typical site contractor who is limited to local suppliers and saddled with multiple delivery charges.

Weather Protection
Building a home in snow or rain can have adverse effects on a partially built home. Modular homes are built in a climate controlled facility and are completely weather-tight before leaving the factory.

All construction that takes place is inspected to your local code requirements as it is being built, so there's no need to worry about the delay of the next contractor while you wait on local inspectors schedule.

Modular construction allows home construction to take place at the same time the site excavating and foundation are being completed. Homes can literally be delivered a day after the foundation is completed, and you can often be moved in a week later.

How much maintenance will my Catskill Mt. Cabin require?

Just like any log home the exterior of our cabins require some maintenance. We install two coats of preservative to the outside of your new cabin during construction. It is a semi-transparent stain to allow the beautiful natural-pine look show through. Over time the sun will slowly break down this exterior stain and a new treatment must be applied. This periodical treatment is typically needed at 2-5 year intervals, depending on the cabin’s exposure to direct sunlight.

Re-staining the exterior of your cabin is fairly simple, and most of our customers do it themselves. If the surface is free of mildew you can simply wash the exterior down with a pressure washer. (If there is any indication of mildew you will also want to wash those areas with a bleach mixture or some type of mildew destroyer.) Then let the walls dry for a day and re-stain it. The stain can be applied with a large brush, or you can spray it onto the wall and back-brush it to eliminate runs & drips.

Our interiors are a different story. There is virtually no maintenance with our knotty pine interiors and finished flooring.